Studio Policy


Rule of 3:
If you have a certain piece you would like to perform at a concert, you must be studying a minimum of 3 pieces ahead of that piece in order for it to be chosen as a concert piece. For example, if Johnny currently working on Minuet 3 by Bach, he may select any piece prior to Minuet 1 for the concert. He may not perform Minuet 2 until he has begun working on the Gossec Gavotte. This is to create an environment where all children can have a positive experience at performances as they will be more secure and confident with the pieces they will be playing. We hope that it will also reduce the stress on the parent for preparing a piece that is not yet under their belt. We also hope that it will reinforce the principle that review is of utmost importance when studying in the Suzuki method. 
What we expect from the parents in our studios...

Please participate in ALL aspects of the program. You will be expected to observe, attend all private AND group lessons, rehearsals and performances. All the events and activities planned in our studios are part of the Suzuki program. If there are extenuating circumstances, please speak to your teacher as soon as possible. All of the activities and events in our studio are created in order to stimulate, motivate and nurture your child's development and your relationship with your child. 
Please take notes. In a notebook, on a practice log sheet, in any form that works for you. 
We will be offering Practice Logs in our studios. Please take a practice log at each lesson. Aim to practice seven days a week. We know that this is not always going to be possible, as there are days when you just cannot get to your violin for whatever reason. However, if you aim for seven days, there will be weeks when you get to practice every day! There will be another practice contest this year. Last year, the contest was a great success for all those who participated. We hope that every student will participate this year! 
Please be punctual. This includes for group lessons. Being punctual for group means arriving a few minutes ahead of the class time so that the teacher may tune up the instrument and start everyone together. Being late is unfair to all students, including your child. Please note that the teacher is NOT obligated to refund, rebate or reschedule any lesson time lost due to tardiness. 
Cell phones are welcome in the studio only as tools to film practice points. Please refrain from answering phone calls, emails or text messages during your child's lesson. 

"Hear everything, overlook a lot, and fix just one thing..."   S. Suzuki

Only ONE teacher at a time. During the lesson time, please do NOT try to "help" the child or teacher. Trust that the teacher does notice posture issues and realize that she is asking the child to focus on one point during the lesson. If the task is not yet automatic, it may temporarily fall away when the student is placing their attention on something else. Please wait and allow the teacher to make the corrections she feels are necessary during lessons. Please trust that your home practice will be evident to the teacher through what your child does on his or her own. During home practice, you are the teacher. Please try to keep a similar tone to your home practice sessions as we keep during the lesson. If you find that there is a posture issue that is persistent, use your child's review pieces to work on this every day. Always remember, REVIEW practice contributes to your child's progress and success in the new pieces. 
You are always welcome to come early and stay late in the studio in order to observe other lessons with your child. Talk to any parent who has attended an Institute or experienced a Masterclass: children learn a lot through observing other students! 

Listen to the recordings every day. Please verify on a regular basis to be sure your child has their current CD uploaded correctly in their device (iPod, iPhone, mp3 player, etc.). Listening is an integral part of the Suzuki method. It is NOT optional.

There is also a CD rack in the studio. I know that CDs are being replaced by other means these days, however, I welcome all students and parents to borrow a CD each week or month. It is important to play recordings other than the Suzuki CDs in the home (and/or car). The variety and different styles of playing can be motivational for everyone in the household. Please let me know when you take a CD so that I may record it online. 

There will be a parent reading table in the studio with various journals and reading material available to the parents in our studio. I would encourage all parents in the studio to borrow something from time to time. If you happen upon an article that you find particularly interesting, please make a note on a post-it on the front of the journal or book. That way, you may share any pertinent information with other parents in the studio. 

If you are a parent of a more advanced student, I would encourage you to reach out to the new parents or parents of beginners to offer words of welcome and support. Your presence and experience is a very important part of our studio and community.